Other stuff

Been working on some drawings lately. Well, actually I’ve been too lazy, but at least got something done.
The fox is first piece from series of nine, I hope  to make the other eight soon as well. It’s still a work in progress, going to add some colours to it. So far done with quill pen & ink.

And this is the creation of last two days, needs also a lot more work to get done. Quill pen & ink as well.

Learning new tricks.

Spent some time on Friday evening by watching some YouTube tutorials on tattooing and I must admit, sometimes it does make sense to look at those things. Might learn some new tricks. As I did. Found one good video with Mario Barth and today, for the first time ever in my tattooing “career” I mixed the inks in the skin. Just dipped the needle in to the different colours without cleaning the needle of previous colour, so the previous mixes with the new one, amazing stuff. Oh my. Some really cool tones can come out of it. Why oh why, haven’t I tried this before, feels like it’s going to change a lot now. Feel a bit dumb too, for not trying this earlier.

So, sometimes a shitleopard can change it’s spots. Not the one below tho:

Sinking feeling

So, today I continued the back with mermaids, added the ship now. The usual –  freehand drawing and then needles right in. Used only the 15Magnum2. Probably adding some smaller details with 9Magnum2 in the future, but first of all I need to do a lot more shading in there….

PS. I’ve always dreamt about tattooing this kind of ship. Dreams do come true.

And a lil’ something something for the Sunday:

V8 engine & Sri Yantra

Todays catch:

guy wanted a  V8 engine, with the carb and exhaust ‘n all, in a cartoonish way. So, I drew up the engine and to give a bit of a traditional hot rod scent to it then added open headers instead of regular exhaust pipes & also you can see the drum brakes. In real life tho, the Torq Thrust wheels would be a big no-no for a traditional rod but with this case I decided to make an exception.
Oh, and there’s a dude up there as well. Smokedude. His Dudeness.

And then I got do this cool geometric thing.
Who knows what it is – good for you; for those who don’t  – Sri Yantra: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sri_Yantra


Client told me she wants something Paisley, so I checked a bit about the Paisley stuff to get the ideas going and then drew up a design, added some of my ideas and dots to it as well. Really happy with the result. Drawing this piece really gave me a lot of new ideas, will have to form them to into reality soon as well.
Writings on the wrists we did last year.

I need more dots. Love ’em.