Talbot’s new shirt design

Well, been drawing the design for my band’s, Talbot, new shirt. Actually, I already have three ideas in mind, and two of them been trying to draw several times now, one of those two being the very same one here. Somehow the previous versions didn’t felt quite right, so need to do ’em again. But this one, this time – oh my, it feels like it’s coming together now and I really love it.
So, here’s a lil’ something something for you, just a sneak peek tho.
Been doing it for about 6 hours now (on two days) and I reckon there’s going to be about three or four more.
Got the new tires for the van yesterday, so now I can also go and get my screenprinting gear from the countryside and will print the shirts in the beginning of June.
Gonna be “awesuomi”.

Edit: by the way, the idea for this design came while touring the east-Europe in the fall 2010. Most of the elements are somehow tied with the tour (tho those are as inside jokes as can be).

It’s on the A3 paper, filling it with the ink right now, using technical pen.

Talbot in Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/talbotmusic
Talbot official: http://www.talbot-music.com
Talbot in Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/talbotmusic

2 comments on “Talbot’s new shirt design

  1. Eric Yanyo says:

    Is that a Littlest Pet Shop ruler?

    More importantly, will you have any shirts available for sale in the United States…

    • jarmonuutre says:

      Littlest Pet Shop yep, in deed 🙂

      And as about the shirts – we will surely bring the merch with us, when we will go there. But since it’s happening not before 2012, then meanwhile you can buy the shirts via e-mail and I just send ’em with mail. When I have the shirts done, then the webshop will be updated and I will announce the info about buying possibilities in here as well.

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