Cat Sunday

I wish it would be Saturday, then I would of named this post Caturday.

Anyway, a regular, five-eyed, cat. It goes together with the solid black arm that I started working on few weeks ago.


EDIT: Some of the readers might remember that I was accused of copying my own artwork – this kitty. The person who was actually copying it and making & selling the cards with this kitty, replied to me and explained that it was a misunderstanding and removed the cards from sale. So from my angle this case is closed and I removed the rest of the info and comments of this incident. Apparently the copier received a lot of hatemail because of this and since now it’s all solved then there’s no need for exposing this incident any further.

3 comments on “Cat Sunday

  1. Lauren Haug says:

    I’m writing to inquire about copying this piece for an art project I am currently assigned in high school. The assignment is wood carving to make a print, and I was shown this tattoo, and liked it instantly. I would like your permission to replicate this design for my school project and my school project only. Thank you.
    Lauren Haug

  2. jarmonuutre says:

    Hello Lauren.

    Thank you for asking.
    You have my permission, go ahead 🙂


  3. Cammie says:

    Merci, sa non elle n’est pas timide ! ^^2;J8#17&aime beaucoup la tendance sporty chic, au moins il n’y a pas de risque pour que l’on se sente mal dans ses vêtements! C’est tellement confortable Bise

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