Weekend with anchors & watercolours

A busy weekend.

Started with this nice & minimal anchor.

This guy is a guitar player in several bands and also an guitar technician, just opened his shop as well: urvamusic.com
Has and G-clef & F-clef. I wanted this piece to be something different, not “just-another-lettering”, so I added some watercolour feel to it:


A piece with the pink sky. Going to add some more contrast to it after a while, will post a new photo when finished.

Primary colours, nice & minimal once again:

2 comments on “Weekend with anchors & watercolours

  1. Emily says:

    Sorry to disappoint but anchors are for crossing the Atlantic and turles are for crossing the equator since you go from a scallywag to a shell back, as a sailor I like to see people get it right

    • jarmonuutre says:

      Hey there! Thank’s for the tip. No disappointment for me, cause I had the information coming from the customer (I had no reason to check this info though) and just copied it to here.

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