Blackwork & dreamcatcher

Started this blackwork neck yesterday. This is a fellow tattoo artist actually, he already has quite a lot of blackwork on him and obviously has a desire to get some more. I do like the idea. Black is the new trance. Work in progress.


Also did this dreamcatcher, sometimes last week:

Megaloceros giganteus

Yep, that it is. Megaloceros giganteus a.k.a. Irish Elk a.k.a. Giant Deer. A lovely creature. You can read more about it from this link:
Megaloceros giganteus.
With the flames, third eye and Vishuddha, the fifth chakra:

The design is drawn by customer’s friend Liisa Kivimäe, whose art you can see here: or

I added the colours to the design and today the needles went in for some inky action. Will post better pic sometimes after it’s healed and touched-up and healed again.

Check it out:


gerli_kaelalKlient soovis oma nimetähte kaelale. Oli olemas mingisugune kavand, kuid seda oli vaja oluliselt modifitseerida. Tulemus meeldis nii kliendile kui mulle ja nahale ta kütsime.
Mulle on viimasel ajal hakanud väga meeldima peente joonte kasutamine, lisasin tollelegi pildile neid.
Vaja muidugi ühe korra veel üle teha, et korrektne oleks.
Nõel: 3round liner, 11round liner
Tint: K, I Aquamarine, I Dark Purple, I Lime Green, I Co-Co, I Bright Red, I Lemon Yellow

Client wanted her initial tattooed on her neck. She had some design, but it needed quite a lot modifying. We both liked the result of the design, so we pushed some ink.
Lately I’ve been into thin lines so I added these also to this design.
Needs to be re-touched also.
Needle: 3 round liner, 11round liner
Ink: K, I Aquamarine, I Dark Purple, I Lime Green, I Co-Co, I Bright Red, I Lemon Yellow

So-cal sun

andra_kaelAlgselt tehtud a la 2002 või 2003 aastal, nüüd värskendasime. Pildil tundub must, aga tegelikult on tumelilla.
Nõel: 7round liner
Tint: I Dark Purple, A Pure Magenta

Originally done in year 2002 or 2003. Freshed it now. Picture shows black, but it’s actually dark purple.
Needle: 7round liner
Ink: I Dark Purple, A Pure Magenta