Bits & pieces

Been a lot of work to do – tattooing, traveling and performing with the Talbot etc. Here’s few of the latest works for you.

This is just a teaser of one project that’s still in progress. Black is healed, waiting for the second layer; red is freshly done:

This one is a work in progress as well, it’s going to be a full phoenix down the arm:

A snowflake, obviously:

Lil’ (water)colourish action here:

And a paw & some feathers:

So, those are just some of the latest things in the works.


Also did a new t-shirt design for my band Talbot, you can buy it through our webshop:

And listen to it from these websites:

T-shirts for men: S, M, L, XL, XXL
T-shirts for women: S, M, L
Tank tops for women: S, M, L

Eye for an eye (or – bird)

Been a while since the last post. A lot of work with the moustache wax, drawing designs for the customers, rehearsing with Talbot etc.

Anyway, here’s some pics for you:

And here’s the almighty One Eyed Morse Moustache Wax! You can buy it from the shop in Etsy:

Three options available:
Coffee – honey- and coffeescented
Lavender – honey- & lavenderscented
Neutral – honeyscented

All made of beeswax from the best Estonian beehives, vaseline, castor oil & few drops of perfume oil (for Coffe & Lavender).
Price is: 8€/10.25USD is one tin (30gr/1oz). This is enough for few months.
Shipping is for FREE, to everywhere, worldwide.
Inside Estonia I handle the shipping via SmartPost, international shipping goes via registered mail.

Also: One Eyed Morse @ Facebook

And here’s few sneak peeks to some of the drawingwork, these will be on the skin soon:

Talbot’s live video from the show in Tokyo

Yep. It’s in quite bearable quality. The entire show, filmed on December 3rd, 2011, at the club Moon Step in Tokyo, Japan. This was one of the eight shows of our Japan tour – “Tour de Ninja 2011”.



Part 1:


Part 2:


Tour poster:

One eyed morse

Yes. This is my new t-shirt brand. But, it will be fully opened in the spring 2012. The first product tho is the lovely moustache wax, with three different scents at first – Coffee, Lavendel & Neutral (beeswax).
When the time is right, then there will surely be some more news about everything. News will also be announced on the official website: 

Also, be sure to visit the Morse’s page in Facebook, cause this is where the most freshest stuff will be known first: 

I wanted to make more automotive-kustom kulture-hot roddin’ shirt designs with my previous brand Pink Banana as well, but somehow it didn’t worked out like this. Anyway, One eyed morse will now bring you a lot of hot roddin’, geometry and other cool imagery.

Here’s just a sneek peek of one thing that’s to come:

And here’s a first design wor the morse’s web:

Tattoofraud! A warning to the people in London, beware!

Got an letter from a guy in London, who suggested me to take a look at one advertisement in Gumtree cause he thought that there are my works used. And what do you know – some bastard has really used the photos of my tattoowork for advertising HIS tattooing. Had cutted out all the watermarks etc. Well, I do appreciate the fact that he liked my work so much that he even used them, but I also would like to warn you from this guy.

Unfortunately I don’t have much info about him. Only know that he uses name Sam (at least that was written in the ad), but there was also a name Lee used in some of the ads (there is/was a LOT of those ad’s with my photos in Gumtree.

When the person who has one of those mentioned tattoos on her foot, called the guy, then he told her that she’s lying and hung up. When I called the guy, then he asked me where I’m from and haven’t even waited for the answer – hung up.

A fraud has been also reported in Gumtree site.


Anyway, here’s the details I do know, taken from the advertisings:

Name: Sam or Lee

Phone number: (+44) 07900434121

Areas working: London, West Crayden, Bethnal Green.


At least one of the advertisements with my photos are still up there, but some of them has been already deleted:

First three photos in this gallery there, the black’n’white geometrical & dotwork works, are mine.
When scrolling down, you should see similar ads, with some other photos.

I personally wouldn’t trust a guy who uses other artist’s work for promoting his skills, to work on my own skin. I hope this post helps to prevent some damaged skin!


Here’s also some screenshots from one of the ads, just in case if the linked ad should be deleted sometime: