Vigri – the olympic seal

Did this cool looking grey fella today – it’s Vigri, ringed seal and a mascot for the yachting races that were held in Tallinn within the 1980 Moscow summer olympics. After this there was also a cafe for childern in Tallin, named Vigri. Ice-cream bar etc.
If interested, then here’s some more info about the 1980 summer olympics.

Anyway, this picture has been as a sticker on the fridge in the customers granparent’s home. She wanted a frame around it, so I drew the frame made of rope, goes well with the watery theme.

And this is a diamond symbol, obv. Nice and minimal. Small tattoos are cool, especially if they have a good location on the body.

HELIOSPHERE Festival 2012 dates confirmed!

Yes. Early news.
It will happen again.
February 23-25th 2012, at Von Krahl Theatre & Bar (Tallinn, Estonia).

Keep your eyes open for the artists and other info, to be announced.


Heliosphere Festival is an festival mostly for noise/doom/electronic/black/experimental/psychedelic/powerelectronics/ambient/drone/stoner/post-rock/etc etc etc.

Happening on the cold and crispy February nights in Estonia’s capital Tallinn, at the Von Krahl Theatre – the medieval building right in the center of Tallinn’s Old Town.

Artists for the Heliosphere Festival 2012 to be announced.