A carrot, a map and a feather

Some recent smaller stuff.

First of all, the lovely carrot with a bowtie

Then a lettering with the feather, all nicely healed. It’s in Estonian and translation to English would be:

And an Estonian map, but, mirrored. The bigger islands are actually on the left side in the real world. It’s near the heel.


Client told me she wants something Paisley, so I checked a bit about the Paisley stuff to get the ideas going and then drew up a design, added some of my ideas and dots to it as well. Really happy with the result. Drawing this piece really gave me a lot of new ideas, will have to form them to into reality soon as well.
Writings on the wrists we did last year.

I need more dots. Love ’em.

Tiibumine vol2 / Wingerie vol2




marektiib2_3Seekord siis värvisin tiibu seest. Roosa osa ei paista veel väga välja, vaja valget juurde lisada. Ning muidu ka siia-sinna detailitada.
Nõel: 15Magnum2
Tint: I Snow-White Opaque, A Flamingo Pink, A Fire Red

This time I coloured the wings a bit. Pink is not showing off very good yet, need to add some white in it. Plus some more detailing needed.
Needle: 15Magnum2
Ink: I Snow-White Opaque, A Flamingo Pink, A Fire Red

Kood / Code

t6nis_vanaRõngad. Neist võib midagi välja lugeda, aga ma ei ütle mida. Alumine pilt on samal inimesel, kuid tegime selle aastal 2006.
Nõel: 3round liner
Tint: I True Black
Vana pildi puhul ei mäleta ma nõela, kuid tint oli tookord Starbrite’i Tribal Black vist.

Circles. You can read something out of those, but I won’t tell you what. Tattoo on the lower pic is on the same person, but done in 2006.
Needle: 3round liner
Ink: I True Black
I can’t remember the needle used for the older tat2, but ink was probably Starbrite Tribal Black.