Just a few works I’ve been up to meanwhile. There’s a lot more, but those are too much in the state of progress so I will post these later, when finished.

Chest piece:

Rework, from the 16 years old tattoo:


Also, opened the Oned Eyed Morse’s webshop for the vintage western & biker apparel plus moustache wax and some gentlemanly accessories as well.
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War of the roses

Customer wanted to have two roses and that’s exactly what she got. Made with the extra flavour of watercolours. Needs one more sessions for some more layering and detailing before it’s done.

It’s been actually quite a long time since the last time I made some roses and it felt good to meet ’em again.

And  nice track from Ulver’s latest album “Wars of the roses”:

Channel strip

Customer is studying in London to become a sound engineer and he wanted to have a channel strip on his arm. A cartoonish one. So, I drew the design and from there we went.
One of my latest interests among the geometry, dotwork and so on, has also been the watercolouring. On the paper and on the skin as well. So, this is one of the works where I tried this. I really like this style so I will definitely work more with it in the future.
Apparently tho, I still need to learn to take proper photos, there’s no justice for the colours on the pics.