Some finished stuff from 2010

I just discovered that I’ve forgotten to upload the photos of some finished tattoos from 2010. Finished all those at about February-March 2010 and then went off to touring with Talbot. And forgot all about those afterwards.
Here they are now:

this one is on Talbot’s soundman.

This one is a cover-up. There was some old messy tribal before. You can find the before pic somewhere in this blog.

A dragonbusiness with a bit celticish thing going on. A cover-up as well, actually. Although, it was quite small thing to cover, lying under the dragons head now. Before pic for this is also somewhere in this blog.

What’s this? A cover-up, again. Before pic – somewhere in this blog, again. 

Kummikaru / Gummy bear

kasparipruudi_karuNagu näha, siis triip. Nagu mitte nii hästi näha, siis roheline kummikaru triibu otsas. Karu joonistasin enne paberile ja paigaldasin, nagu ikka, Dettol’i abiga ning triibu joonistasin vaba käega.
Kuna ma seda enne siin maininud pole, siis Dettol on desinfitseerimisvahend, millega on väga hea pilte paberilt nahale kanda.
Nõel: 7 round liner
Tint: I True Black, I Light Green, I Snow White Opaque

As you can see – the stripe. As you can see not that well – the green gummy bear hangin’ on the stripe. I drew the bear onto paber and then applied it, as always, with Dettol and then drew the stripe freehand.
As a I have’nt mentioned it before, then Dettol is the desinficating liquid, which is very good for transfering the images from paper to skin.
Needle: 7 round liner
Ink: I True Black, I Light Green, I Snow White Opaque