Professor Soap’s halfsleeve update

Here’s the update for the halfsleeve with the Professor Soap characters. Still some more sessions to go with adding few other characters and the background.

Progress on two sleeves

Progress with the Hellboy sleeve. A lot of details in this one, a LOT. Needs some more covering of the old tat2 as well.

Had some progress on the Madhatter sleeve as well.

V8 engine & Sri Yantra

Todays catch:

guy wanted a  V8 engine, with the carb and exhaust ‘n all, in a cartoonish way. So, I drew up the engine and to give a bit of a traditional hot rod scent to it then added open headers instead of regular exhaust pipes & also you can see the drum brakes. In real life tho, the Torq Thrust wheels would be a big no-no for a traditional rod but with this case I decided to make an exception.
Oh, and there’s a dude up there as well. Smokedude. His Dudeness.

And then I got do this cool geometric thing.
Who knows what it is – good for you; for those who don’t  – Sri Yantra: