Ensō, Led Zeppelin dreamcatcher & sleeve update

Continued with reworking this sleeve, this time the turtle got the fresh coat:







Dreamcatcher with the Led Zeppelin’s Four Symbols:


Birdy-bird ‘n some more birdishies. Hands too.



A bird.
Taken from some Polish book cover. Bird was actually just plain black, but customer wanted it to look more sketchy, so I sketched.
Back of the arm, a bit above the elbow.



Buddhist hands with some birth dates. I will take a better photo when it’s healed. Back.




And this one. Core idea is taken from one of the children books and modified a bit (sunglasses, ‘stache, high hat). Somehow the skin took ink quite poorly, so I need to do a lot of touch-up’s with this one. Afterwards will try to get better pic of it as well.


Talbot’s Russian tour “Tour de Balalaika 2011” and Japan/Australasia tour “Tour de Ninja 2011” posters also in work. Plus some new shirt designs. Will print those within July. And – I’ve had a plan to make my own moustache wax for about few months now. Few hours ago ordered the tin jars and beeswax, going to “cook” it soon.
Let’s ‘stache, I say!


And a cool tune to go with the bird theme: