Finished back, cover-up/rework update and few more

Here’s some tats I’ve been working on lately.

Just finished this backpiece Some octagrams, lot of animals and even more dots:

A bit closer look:

Shoulder with the modified image from the Klimt’s letter to his wife:

Same customer’s arm:

And her wrist with the flower of life as well:

Also continued on this cover-up/rework, this time we did some mushrooms. The flames are not filled yet, time for these will come.

Also did this bird on last Sunday:


More tats next week, cause the rest of the this week I’ll be in the Netherlands with my band Talbot. Going to play two shows there, January 9th & 10th, at the Eurosonic Noorderslag Festival 2013, in Groningen:

See ya!

Elephant & dolphins

Finished the elephant-lady with mandala on  the back!


This is my customer’s mom, having her children and grandchildren with her all the time. A cover-up/rework + added some more dolphins.

Delfiin-ükssarv vol2 / Dolphin-unicorn vol2


Niisiis, tegime elukat edasi. Natuke mõnest kohast näppisin jooni, tegin natuke sinist üle ja lisasin roosa. Järgmisel korral veel roosa korra üle teha ja on valmis.
Nõel: 3round liner, 15Magnum2
Tint: K, A Pure Magenta, I Light Blue

So, continued with this creature. I touched some outlines, coloured with blue one more time and added the pink. Next time I’m gonna do the pink once more and then it’s done.
Needle: 3round liner,  15Magnum2
Ink: K, A Pure Magenta, I Light Blue

Delfiin-ükssarv / Dolphin-unicorn

kristel3Selle pildiga on taas ühendatud mu lemmikteemad: sketchilaadne kujundus ja peenejoonetöö. Oli väga lõbus ja mõnus teha. Idee on ka väga hea. Järgmisena tuleb lisada siia veel roosat (magenta) ja natuke Aquamarine sinist. Ootan huviga.
Lilla markerijälg on kah jälle näha, ei tule too tihtilugu maha nii käbe.
Nõel: 3round liner, 11round liner
Tint: K, I Light Blue

With this tattoo there’s once again combined some of my favourite themes: sketchlike design and thin lines. Really fun to work with it plus I think that the idea and design of this tat2 is also really good. Next time I’ll add some magenta aquamarine. Waiting for it.
Needle: 3round liner, 11round liner
Ink: K, I Light Blue