Other stuff

Been working on some drawings lately. Well, actually I’ve been too lazy, but at least got something done.
The fox is first piece from series of nine, I hope  to make the other eight soon as well. It’s still a work in progress, going to add some colours to it. So far done with quill pen & ink.

And this is the creation of last two days, needs also a lot more work to get done. Quill pen & ink as well.


Client told me she wants something Paisley, so I checked a bit about the Paisley stuff to get the ideas going and then drew up a design, added some of my ideas and dots to it as well. Really happy with the result. Drawing this piece really gave me a lot of new ideas, will have to form them to into reality soon as well.
Writings on the wrists we did last year.

I need more dots. Love ’em.