Dragon and the bees

This is one of my old works, did it in about 2001 or 2002. The client now wishes to get rid of the green and to add the dragon, in blueish tones. I will also rework the bees and surroundings & will add some colour to them as well. As it was with the roses few posts ago – I haven’t done dragons few years as well and I totally love doing them again.

Here you go, this is how far we got this time:

Meanwhile, freehand sketch:

And this is how it looked before:

The same guy has on the other arm one other old work of mine as well, this is from the 2003 I reckon:

Some finished stuff from 2010

I just discovered that I’ve forgotten to upload the photos of some finished tattoos from 2010. Finished all those at about February-March 2010 and then went off to touring with Talbot. And forgot all about those afterwards.
Here they are now:

this one is on Talbot’s soundman.

This one is a cover-up. There was some old messy tribal before. You can find the before pic somewhere in this blog.

A dragonbusiness with a bit celticish thing going on. A cover-up as well, actually. Although, it was quite small thing to cover, lying under the dragons head now. Before pic for this is also somewhere in this blog.

What’s this? A cover-up, again. Before pic – somewhere in this blog, again. 

Lohedus vol 7 / Dragonin' vol7 ///cover-up


paulvol7_3Lisasin mustrisse pruuni ja lohele roosat ning veele valget. Natuke aega enne seda varjutasin tausta tumedamaks. Natuke veel vaja sättida ja ongi valmis.
Nõel: 15Magnum2
Tint: I Co-Co, I Snow-White Opaque, A Flamingo Pink, K

Added brown to patterns, pink to dragon and white to water. Before that I shaded the background more darker. Just a bit more and it’s finished.
Needle: 15Magnum2
Ink: I Co-Co, I Snow-White Opaque, A Flamingo Pink, K

Vesidraakon / Waterdragon vol6

Esmalt mainin ära, et see vol6 on täiesti suvaliselt võetud number, kuna ma lihtsalt ei viitsinud neid postitusi kokku lugeda. Nii et, nüüdsest edasi läheb siis vol7 jne.
Aga jah, ega väga palju juttu polegi. Lisasime eile pruuni ning tegin üle ka eelnevalt tehtud lillasid ja helesiniseid osi. Natuke vaja veel mustaga varjutada ja veel värvida ning hakkabki vaikselt valmis saama.
Nõel: 15Magnum2
Tint: I Co-Co, I Dark Purple, I Aquamarine

First of all – the vol6 is taken out of the blue, cause I decided not to count the previous posts. So, from now on, it’s gonna be vol 7 etc.
But yeah, not very much to tell. This time I added the brown and re-coloured the previously done purple and light blue. A little bit shading with black and some more colouring and it should be done quite soon.
Needle: 15Magnum2
Ink: I Co-Co, I Dark Purple, I Aquamarine