Cat Sunday

I wish it would be Saturday, then I would of named this post Caturday.

Anyway, a regular, five-eyed, cat. It goes together with the solid black arm that I started working on few weeks ago.


EDIT: Some of the readers might remember that I was accused of copying my own artwork – this kitty. The person who was actually copying it and making & selling the cards with this kitty, replied to me and explained that it was a misunderstanding and removed the cards from sale. So from my angle this case is closed and I removed the rest of the info and comments of this incident. Apparently the copier received a lot of hatemail because of this and since now it’s all solved then there’s no need for exposing this incident any further.

Lime blossom

Customer wanted to have a lime blossom as an memory of her granddad. Lime blossom cause grandpa liked to drink a lot of tea made of lime blossoms.
And she also wanted to add the granpa’s name to the tattoo.
She gave me the example of grandpa’s handwriting and I drew the design with it & today the needle got in.
Located on the side.


Also, Talbot has a show in Riga this Saturday, 3.03. At club Melna Piektdiena (Black Friday?). With Frailty (LV) & Life’s Edge (LV). Doomy event!