Ensō, Led Zeppelin dreamcatcher & sleeve update

Continued with reworking this sleeve, this time the turtle got the fresh coat:







Dreamcatcher with the Led Zeppelin’s Four Symbols:


A carrot, a map and a feather

Some recent smaller stuff.

First of all, the lovely carrot with a bowtie

Then a lettering with the feather, all nicely healed. It’s in Estonian and translation to English would be:

And an Estonian map, but, mirrored. The bigger islands are actually on the left side in the real world. It’s near the heel.

Sulg / Feather

marko_sulgKlient on ajakirjanik, nii et, üpris sobiv teema.
Taaskord, tahtsin teha midagi peente joontega ja välja tuli selline.
Nõel: 3round liner, 15Magnum2
Tint: K, I Dark Purple, I Snow-White Opaque

Client is a journalist, so quite a matching theme.
Again, I wanted to do something with thin lines, so this is what I came up with.
Needle: 3round liner, 15Magnum2
Ink: K, I Dark Purple, I Snow-White Opaque