Rose & cover-up

Lovely old school rose with the hinge, on the arm:

And a cover-up. Obviously it’s still a work in progress. Going to be a tree, branches & maple leaves.

Flowering & Fibonacci spiral

Did this Golden spiral few days ago, also known as the Fibonacci spiral. I really dig this kind of stuff a lot and it was very interesting time anyway, had a nice chat with the client etc. Thanks, Steven!

Who’s not familiar with the Fibonacci spiral yet, here’s two links for you:

Sacred geometry. Interesting stuff.

Anyway, here’s the photos:


And here’s the floral tat2 I started in the summer:


Some finished stuff from 2010

I just discovered that I’ve forgotten to upload the photos of some finished tattoos from 2010. Finished all those at about February-March 2010 and then went off to touring with Talbot. And forgot all about those afterwards.
Here they are now:

this one is on Talbot’s soundman.

This one is a cover-up. There was some old messy tribal before. You can find the before pic somewhere in this blog.

A dragonbusiness with a bit celticish thing going on. A cover-up as well, actually. Although, it was quite small thing to cover, lying under the dragons head now. Before pic for this is also somewhere in this blog.

What’s this? A cover-up, again. Before pic – somewhere in this blog, again. 

I can haz tattooing

So, few updates once again.

But first of all, I’d like to say that I really love tattooing. Just feelin’ it more and more again every day. I have had few breaks in the past and will have some more due to touring with my bands and some other acitivites, but I always end up making tattoos again, with fresh feel for it every time. Feels good.

Also, I finally got my new irons, Mickey Sharpz’s Line-O-Graph liner and Iron T-Dial shader. Really happy about it, my world has changed a bit since then. Been dreaming about Mickey Sharpz irons for quite a long time now, but for some reason never did got to buying. Anyway, got ’em now and they’re truly a great machines. Very smooth running.

Enough of the talk, here’s few photos of some work I’ve been up to lately.

Continued with the flowerish thing. Has some influences of Alfons Maria Mucha & John Dyer Baizley works. Needs background and some detailing. Blossom is still in the healing process, hence the bit of scabby look.

There’s some wings that needed to grow bigger, as time has passed by. Started with one, this needs some more work as well. The covering part is too obvious at the moment and gotta add some more colouring etc.

Quite often I have the trouble of finding good position for light when taking the photos, so the result is that the photo does no justice to the actual colours. Like it has happened again with this photo above and the first one in this post as well.

And here’s just a small update of the fractal-like thingies on the arms, added some more colour to it:

Going to continue with the mermaid back tomorrow, good fun.