Tattoofraud! A warning to the people in London, beware!

Got an letter from a guy in London, who suggested me to take a look at one advertisement in Gumtree cause he thought that there are my works used. And what do you know – some bastard has really used the photos of my tattoowork for advertising HIS tattooing. Had cutted out all the watermarks etc. Well, I do appreciate the fact that he liked my work so much that he even used them, but I also would like to warn you from this guy.

Unfortunately I don’t have much info about him. Only know that he uses name Sam (at least that was written in the ad), but there was also a name Lee used in some of the ads (there is/was a LOT of those ad’s with my photos in Gumtree.

When the person who has one of those mentioned tattoos on her foot, called the guy, then he told her that she’s lying and hung up. When I called the guy, then he asked me where I’m from and haven’t even waited for the answer – hung up.

A fraud has been also reported in Gumtree site.


Anyway, here’s the details I do know, taken from the advertisings:

Name: Sam or Lee

Phone number: (+44) 07900434121

Areas working: London, West Crayden, Bethnal Green.


At least one of the advertisements with my photos are still up there, but some of them has been already deleted:

First three photos in this gallery there, the black’n’white geometrical & dotwork works, are mine.
When scrolling down, you should see similar ads, with some other photos.

I personally wouldn’t trust a guy who uses other artist’s work for promoting his skills, to work on my own skin. I hope this post helps to prevent some damaged skin!


Here’s also some screenshots from one of the ads, just in case if the linked ad should be deleted sometime: