Traditional & watercolour day

With this customer we have a long road behind us, started with his first tattoos in 2002, if I remember correctly. Last year we did the two girls on his leg, the devilish one and the innocent one, both with nude boobs.
This time we started to work on his upper arm & shoulder, to continue the big rose piece he already has in the middle of the arm. Theme is old school and since he’s a gearhead, then we’re adding some automotive stuff there, the piston for example. More goodies to come tho.
And I also wanted to make it a bit different, by adding the watercolourish background. So, here you go, this is how far we got today:


and the piston piece

and a lil’ bit of the background

both of ’em together

Tiivad ja kolb / Wings'n'piston

Midagi mootorite maailmast. Kolb ja keps olid alustatud juba mõnda aega tagasi ühe teise tätoveerija poolt, ma ise ei ole veel jõudnud nendega väga tegeleda. Asusime esimese hooga hoopis tiibu tegema. Täna lasin ühele ka värvid sisse. Suleotstesse tuleb veel laimirohelist ja siia-sinna lillakat ja roosat ehk jne. Aega veel läheb.
Nõel: 11round liner, 15Magnum2
Tint: K, I Aquamarine, I Light Blue, I Bright Yellow

Something for gearheads. Piston and rod we’re already there, made by another tat2artist before I got my hands on it. But I have’nt done much about the piston-n-stuff yet. Instead we started with the wings and today I already added the colours in it. There’s gonne be some limegreen on the tips of feathers and maybe some purple and pink also… We’ll see, there’s lot’s to do anyway.
Needle: 11round liner, 15Magnum2
Ink: K, I Aquamarine, I Light Blue, I Bright Yellow