Progress on two sleeves

Progress with the Hellboy sleeve. A lot of details in this one, a LOT. Needs some more covering of the old tat2 as well.

Had some progress on the Madhatter sleeve as well.

Ink to self

Had some spare time to start working on my left foot now. Covering some old stuff there. Quite difficult to make the straight lines for yourself down there, have to practice to bend some more. Visibility gets quite fuzzy.
“Vuntsid” means “moustache” in Estonian.
I AM the moustache.


Sam & Max

samnmax_pinkbananatattooSellist mängu nagu “Sam & Max Hit the Road” mäletate? Noh, igatahes oli selline vinge point-and-click mäng kunagi ammu. Ja Max on sealt eriti hullu attitudega jänes. Igatahes, üks inimene nüüd toda tegelast omale tahtis ja suurima rõõmuga ma selle talle ka tegin.
Nõel: 7round liner
Tint: K

Remember “Sam & Max Hit the Road”? Well, anyway, it was a cool point-and-click game once upon a time. And Max is a, I quote – “a short and aggressive hyperkinetic rabbity thing”. And now one person wanted this “rabbity thing” and I was more than happy to make it.
Needle: 7round liner
Ink: K