Other stuff

Been working on some drawings lately. Well, actually I’ve been too lazy, but at least got something done.
The fox is first piece from series of nine, I hope  to make the other eight soon as well. It’s still a work in progress, going to add some colours to it. So far done with quill pen & ink.

And this is the creation of last two days, needs also a lot more work to get done. Quill pen & ink as well.

Jänks ja plika / Chic and a bunny

Mõlemad sama kandja jagu.
Jänest värskendasin niisama, oli enne natuke räbalavõitu.
Ja see tsikk ussiga – viimase aja üks lemmikuid. Poolik veel. Kuigi samas ega väga palju seal teha enam polegi – teha veel jooned ja värvitud pind üle, lisada valget ja peakski olema. Pildile sobisid peened jooned väga hästi, ei olnud isugi hakata näiteks äärejooni paksemaks tegema vms. Ussi saba vehib peaaegu ümber käe.
Nõel: 3round liner ja 11round liner
Tint: K, I Bright Red

Both are owned by onw person.
Bunny got only freshening, was a little worn before.
And the chis with the snake – I must say that it’s one of my favourites lately. Undone. Although, there’s not much to do – redo outlines and colouring, add some white and finished. To this tat2 the thin lines were perfect, I did’nt even thought about making the outlines bolder or something like that. Snakes tale is almost around the arm.
Needle: 3roundliner, 11roundliner
Ink: K, I Bright Red