Ship & cats

Fishing boat, roses and a whale, nice combo:


…and a pair of cats:

Vigri – the olympic seal

Did this cool looking grey fella today – it’s Vigri, ringed seal and a mascot for the yachting races that were held in Tallinn within the 1980 Moscow summer olympics. After this there was also a cafe for childern in Tallin, named Vigri. Ice-cream bar etc.
If interested, then here’s some more info about the 1980 summer olympics.

Anyway, this picture has been as a sticker on the fridge in the customers granparent’s home. She wanted a frame around it, so I drew the frame made of rope, goes well with the watery theme.

And this is a diamond symbol, obv. Nice and minimal. Small tattoos are cool, especially if they have a good location on the body.

Viikingilaev / Viking ship


laevPolegi ammu viikingiteemaatikat teinud. Päris põnev seega. Klient ise kah laevadega ja otsast viikingitegagi seotud. nagu näha, siis tööd veel jagub. Umbes kahe järgmise seansiga epaks valmis saama.
Nõel: 3round liner, 11round liner
Tint: K

It’s been a while since my last viking themed work, so, quite interesting. Client itself has something to do with ships and vikings also. As you can see, there’s a bit more to do. Should be done with next two sittings.
Needle: 3round liner, 11round liner
Tint: K