Eye for an eye (or – bird)

Been a while since the last post. A lot of work with the moustache wax, drawing designs for the customers, rehearsing with Talbot etc.

Anyway, here’s some pics for you:

And here’s the almighty One Eyed Morse Moustache Wax! You can buy it from the shop in Etsy:

Three options available:
Coffee – honey- and coffeescented
Lavender – honey- & lavenderscented
Neutral – honeyscented

All made of beeswax from the best Estonian beehives, vaseline, castor oil & few drops of perfume oil (for Coffe & Lavender).
Price is: 8€/10.25USD is one tin (30gr/1oz). This is enough for few months.
Shipping is for FREE, to everywhere, worldwide.
Inside Estonia I handle the shipping via SmartPost, international shipping goes via registered mail.

Also: One Eyed Morse @ Facebook

And here’s few sneak peeks to some of the drawingwork, these will be on the skin soon:

One eyed morse

Yes. This is my new t-shirt brand. But, it will be fully opened in the spring 2012. The first product tho is the lovely moustache wax, with three different scents at first – Coffee, Lavendel & Neutral (beeswax).
When the time is right, then there will surely be some more news about everything. News will also be announced on the official website:

Also, be sure to visit the Morse’s page in Facebook, cause this is where the most freshest stuff will be known first:

I wanted to make more automotive-kustom kulture-hot roddin’ shirt designs with my previous brand Pink Banana as well, but somehow it didn’t worked out like this. Anyway, One eyed morse will now bring you a lot of hot roddin’, geometry and other cool imagery.

Here’s just a sneek peek of one thing that’s to come:

And here’s a first design wor the morse’s web: