Professor Soap’s halfsleeve update

Here’s the update for the halfsleeve with the Professor Soap characters. Still some more sessions to go with adding few other characters and the background.

Cutery and mandala

Next cover-up project begun.
Will cover this abstract red tree (the red lines) with a bunch of cute cartoon creatures, so in the end it will be a colorful halfsleeve. A lot more work going in this one, besides all the other characters there’s got to be some more layers of ink on top of the old tat as well, to cover it up nicely.

And also just finished this small mandala:



Need tööd tegin tegelikult juba aastal 2006. Nüüd hakkasime samale inimesele tegema üht uut pilti, mille kohta kirjutan  natuke hiljem.
Käesolevaid Futurama pilte on kah veel lõpetamiseks vaja natuke kohendada.
Nõel: keskuratsedamäletab
Tint: Millenium “MOM” sarjast, nimesid ei mäleta

I made these actually back in the 2006. Now we started to make a new tattoo to the same person, but I will show you this a bit later.
Those Futurama tattoos also need some touch-up’s to be finished.
Needle: don’t remember
Ink: Millenium “MOM”-s, but I don’t remember the exact names