Customer from Germany wanted a lizard. He’s interested in the aboriginal art and celtic knotwork and wanted to have some dotwork as well. So I tried to combine it all together and it came out like this. Super happy with the result. One sitting, nine hours in a row altogether with the freehand sketching onto the skin and preparations etc. Time well spent.

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He’s also playing bass and didgeridoo in a band called Tuareg, check it out from these links:

Lohedus vol 7 / Dragonin' vol7 ///cover-up


paulvol7_3Lisasin mustrisse pruuni ja lohele roosat ning veele valget. Natuke aega enne seda varjutasin tausta tumedamaks. Natuke veel vaja sättida ja ongi valmis.
Nõel: 15Magnum2
Tint: I Co-Co, I Snow-White Opaque, A Flamingo Pink, K

Added brown to patterns, pink to dragon and white to water. Before that I shaded the background more darker. Just a bit more and it’s finished.
Needle: 15Magnum2
Ink: I Co-Co, I Snow-White Opaque, A Flamingo Pink, K