Elephant & dolphins

Finished the elephant-lady with mandala on  the back!


This is my customer’s mom, having her children and grandchildren with her all the time. A cover-up/rework + added some more dolphins.

Mermaid cover-up back finished

Yes, finally. Took a bit under a year, although it would of been finished earlier if we’d work on it more regularily.
Since it’s a cover-up, then here’s a pic of what it looked like BEFORE:

And this is the AFTER pic (some parts are freshly done):

Also, a lot of thanks and congratulations to the Radio Mania’s team – on their birthday concert at Rock Cafe (Tallinn, EST), they awarded my doom-sludge band Talbot with the “Surprise of the Year 2011” award. Lovely.

Mermaid update

Yesterday continued with the mermaid back. I filled the upper background with clouds etc (the right corner was done some times ago actually), detailed the ship a bit and so on. It’s quietly getting there, totally enjoying doing it. Looks nice and massive.



Been thinking for 9 years about covering up the old stuff on my own leg, 9 years. We’ll, last week I finally got around it and beginned with the work. It’s going to be a lot of blackwork, as you can see: