Paper crane & new project: Blood Pavilion

Just finished this nice lil’ piece – papercrane on ribs.

Also, lately been working a lot on my new electronic solo project, Blood Pavilion.
First track from the upcoming EP is out now, you can listen & download it from this link:

And you can follow these pages as well:

Praise The Lowered! 23.03.2009


Vahepalaks siis teade, et reedel, 23.märtsil korraldan klubis Rockstar’s (Tatari 6, Tallinn) üritust nimega Praise The Lowered!

Esinevad pundid:

Caskets Open (FIN):
Milla (EST):
Talbot (EST):

Uksed avatakse 20.00
Pundid alustavad 22.00

Pilet 75.- flaieriga ja 100.- flaierita.
Flaier tee ise! Joonista, lõika, voldi, kleebi, ükskkõik kuidas.


On Friday, 23th March, I’m organizing a show Praise The Lowered! in Club Rockstar’s (Tatari 6, Tallinn).


Caskets Open (FIN):
Milla (EST):
Talbot (EST):

Doors: 8PM
Bands: 10PM

Ticket: 75.- with flyer, 100.- without flyer.
PS! You don’t find any flyers lying around, You’re gonna have to do it Yourself! Draw, cut, glue, whatever.