Finished back, cover-up/rework update and few more

Here’s some tats I’ve been working on lately.

Just finished this backpiece Some octagrams, lot of animals and even more dots:

A bit closer look:

Shoulder with the modified image from the Klimt’s letter to his wife:

Same customer’s arm:

And her wrist with the flower of life as well:

Also continued on this cover-up/rework, this time we did some mushrooms. The flames are not filled yet, time for these will come.

Also did this bird on last Sunday:


More tats next week, cause the rest of the this week I’ll be in the Netherlands with my band Talbot. Going to play two shows there, January 9th & 10th, at the Eurosonic Noorderslag Festival 2013, in Groningen:

See ya!

Cutery and mandala

Next cover-up project begun.
Will cover this abstract red tree (the red lines) with a bunch of cute cartoon creatures, so in the end it will be a colorful halfsleeve. A lot more work going in this one, besides all the other characters there’s got to be some more layers of ink on top of the old tat as well, to cover it up nicely.

And also just finished this small mandala:


Been a while since my last sugar skull and it felt nice to make one again. Did three designs before it finally felt right and we could let the needle in.

This is a lovely cloud with the thunderbolt sticking out of it. Did this actually already in the last August, but today was finally the touch-up day and grabbed a photo of it as well.

And here’s a cover-up. Customer had a tattoo with the words from Def Leppard lyrics. He didn’t really enjoy the old tat anymore, but wanted the new one still to have something to do with the Lep. So, after few drawing attempts I finally got the idea to give it a bit of the feel from the “Hysteria” artwork and designed the lettering etc. There’s some scars from the old tat, under the new one, unfortunately I’m unable to smoothen the skin, can only turn the old tats to new ones.

Ink to self

Had some spare time to start working on my left foot now. Covering some old stuff there. Quite difficult to make the straight lines for yourself down there, have to practice to bend some more. Visibility gets quite fuzzy.
“Vuntsid” means “moustache” in Estonian.
I AM the moustache.