Cutery and mandala

Next cover-up project begun.
Will cover this abstract red tree (the red lines) with a bunch of cute cartoon creatures, so in the end it will be a colorful halfsleeve. A lot more work going in this one, besides all the other characters there’s got to be some more layers of ink on top of the old tat as well, to cover it up nicely.

And also just finished this small mandala:

Lucky birds

Continued with this traditional piece. Today I added a pair of birds with the banner. But, it’s still a work in progress – there’s going to be a lot more work with this one, including wrenches & turbos and more background etc.

Back at work

Back from touring and slingin’ the ink again.

Started with the sunflower. There was the outlines already done by some other tattoo artist, so I tuned the outlines and started colouring. This is actually only the first, base layer so to speak. There’s going to be more detailing and I also need to work with the outlines inside the blossom. And lot’s more colouring!

Before pic:


Kajakaid /Seagulling


Lisasime skullile juurde tulbid ja pilvi. Pilvede vahele paar kajakat kah! Teisele käele tuli samamoodi, aga hoopis teistugune. Eks kuskil järgmistes postitustes näete.
Nõel: 7 round liner (kuratsedateab miks ma ei viitsi vahest suuremat nõela panna, kütan koguaeg 7sega)
Tint: I Light Green, I Bright Red, I True Black

Added some tulips and clouds to the skull and a few seagullss as well. On the other hand it looks the same, but all the way different. You’ll see it in some next post.
Needle: 7 round liner (god knows, why I always use the 7rl, instead of changing it to magnum sometimes etc)
Ink: I Light Green, I Bright Red, I True Black