Finished back, cover-up/rework update and few more

Here’s some tats I’ve been working on lately.

Just finished this backpiece Some octagrams, lot of animals and even more dots:

A bit closer look:

Shoulder with the modified image from the Klimt’s letter to his wife:

Same customer’s arm:

And her wrist with the flower of life as well:

Also continued on this cover-up/rework, this time we did some mushrooms. The flames are not filled yet, time for these will come.

Also did this bird on last Sunday:


More tats next week, cause the rest of the this week I’ll be in the Netherlands with my band Talbot. Going to play two shows there, January 9th & 10th, at the Eurosonic Noorderslag Festival 2013, in Groningen:

See ya!

Mermaid cover-up back finished

Yes, finally. Took a bit under a year, although it would of been finished earlier if we’d work on it more regularily.
Since it’s a cover-up, then here’s a pic of what it looked like BEFORE:

And this is the AFTER pic (some parts are freshly done):

Also, a lot of thanks and congratulations to the Radio Mania’s team – on their birthday concert at Rock Cafe (Tallinn, EST), they awarded my doom-sludge band Talbot with the “Surprise of the Year 2011” award. Lovely.

Psyscorpionin' continues


Seekord siis joonistasin kõigepealt pliiatsiga ette kirsiõied, tegin neile piirjooned ära ja siis otse tausta kütma. Lilled tulevad seest täidetud.
Nõel: 7round liner
Tint: I Bright Red, I Aquamarine, I Lime Green, A True Green

So, this time I first drew the lines for  cherryblossoms, did the outlining and then did a lil’ background. Flowers will be coloured.
Needle: 7round liner
Ink: I Bright Red, I Aquamarine, I Lime Green, A True Green

Magic scorpion

lilith_2_2Jätkub üle pika aja. Tegin suurema osa skorpioni mustast alast valmis ja värvisin natuke alumist seene- ja muud osa. Nagu näha, siis on veel pikk tee minna.
Nõel: 11round liner
Tint: I Peach, I Lime Green, I Aquamarine, K

Continues over a while. I did most of the scorpions black are and some of the area around the shrooms. As it seems, it’s still a long way to go.
Needle: 11round liner
Ink: I Peach, I Lime Green, I Aquamarine, K