Ship & cats

Fishing boat, roses and a whale, nice combo:


…and a pair of cats:

War of the roses

Customer wanted to have two roses and that’s exactly what she got. Made with the extra flavour of watercolours. Needs one more sessions for some more layering and detailing before it’s done.

It’s been actually quite a long time since the last time I made some roses and it felt good to meet ’em again.

And  nice track from Ulver’s latest album “Wars of the roses”:

Sugar skull & roosid vol2 / Sugar skull & roses vol2

sugar ja roosid 2 kordSessioon 2. Seekord skulli ei teinud, keskendusin roosidele. Käisisn kõigepealt üle jooned ning varjutasin. Alguses katsetasin jälle seda Kokkai Sumo Ink Medium Gray Wash’k, aga see oli selle töö jaoks liiga hele. Üldse väga hele tint on, tundub, et kõige parem oleks seda kasutada portreede ja suuremate musthall tööde juures. Ja seal peaks ka tumedamad kohad tumedama tindiga tegema. Mul on seda Kokkaid veel ka Light Gray wash, pole veel selle heledust testida jõudnud. Nii et, üsna pea lahjendasin jälle True Black’i veega ja oli väga mõnus selle töö jaoks.
Ning värvisin roosid ja lehed. Jooned 7se joonenõelaga ja varjud-värvid 15magnumiga.
Kasutatud tindid: True Black, Light Green, Bright Red. Ja natuke seda va Kokkai’d ka…

Session 2. This time I did’nt touch the skull but decided to focus on the roses. First I re-did the outlines and then shaded. At first I tried to use the Kokkai Sumo Ink Medium Gray Wash again, but it’s really too “bright” for this job. And for many others as well, I think. I suppose it’s really handy when doing portraits or large black&gray pieces, but even there would have to do the darker spots with darker ink. I have this Kokkai also in Light Gray Wash version, wonder how light this is….Have’nt tested it yet. Anyway, quite fast I was back with the true Black, mixed it with water and it worked really well this way.
Then colored the leaves and roses. Did the outlines with 7liner and shaded with 15magnum.
Inks used: True Black, Light Green, Bright Red. And lil’ bit of this Kokkai…