Finished back, cover-up/rework update and few more

Here’s some tats I’ve been working on lately.

Just finished this backpiece Some octagrams, lot of animals and even more dots:

A bit closer look:

Shoulder with the modified image from the Klimt’s letter to his wife:

Same customer’s arm:

And her wrist with the flower of life as well:

Also continued on this cover-up/rework, this time we did some mushrooms. The flames are not filled yet, time for these will come.

Also did this bird on last Sunday:


More tats next week, cause the rest of the this week I’ll be in the Netherlands with my band Talbot. Going to play two shows there, January 9th & 10th, at the Eurosonic Noorderslag Festival 2013, in Groningen:

See ya!

Flowering & Fibonacci spiral

Did this Golden spiral few days ago, also known as the Fibonacci spiral. I really dig this kind of stuff a lot and it was very interesting time anyway, had a nice chat with the client etc. Thanks, Steven!

Who’s not familiar with the Fibonacci spiral yet, here’s two links for you:

Sacred geometry. Interesting stuff.

Anyway, here’s the photos:


And here’s the floral tat2 I started in the summer:


Talbot’s new shirt design

Well, been drawing the design for my band’s, Talbot, new shirt. Actually, I already have three ideas in mind, and two of them been trying to draw several times now, one of those two being the very same one here. Somehow the previous versions didn’t felt quite right, so need to do ’em again. But this one, this time – oh my, it feels like it’s coming together now and I really love it.
So, here’s a lil’ something something for you, just a sneak peek tho.
Been doing it for about 6 hours now (on two days) and I reckon there’s going to be about three or four more.
Got the new tires for the van yesterday, so now I can also go and get my screenprinting gear from the countryside and will print the shirts in the beginning of June.
Gonna be “awesuomi”.

Edit: by the way, the idea for this design came while touring the east-Europe in the fall 2010. Most of the elements are somehow tied with the tour (tho those are as inside jokes as can be).

It’s on the A3 paper, filling it with the ink right now, using technical pen.

Talbot in Facebook:
Talbot official:
Talbot in Soundcloud:


Some progress on one of the mermaids:

And some progress on the angelish girl:

Also, started one halfsleeve. Flowerish plants and such, quite an abstract stuff. All freehand. As you can see, we didn’t got too far on the first session.

Here’s one drawing I recently finished, probably going to be one of the new shirt designs as well.