Some finished stuff from 2010

I just discovered that I’ve forgotten to upload the photos of some finished tattoos from 2010. Finished all those at about February-March 2010 and then went off to touring with Talbot. And forgot all about those afterwards.
Here they are now:

this one is on Talbot’s soundman.

This one is a cover-up. There was some old messy tribal before. You can find the before pic somewhere in this blog.

A dragonbusiness with a bit celticish thing going on. A cover-up as well, actually. Although, it was quite small thing to cover, lying under the dragons head now. Before pic for this is also somewhere in this blog.

What’s this? A cover-up, again. Before pic – somewhere in this blog, again. 

Psyscorpionin' continues


Seekord siis joonistasin kõigepealt pliiatsiga ette kirsiõied, tegin neile piirjooned ära ja siis otse tausta kütma. Lilled tulevad seest täidetud.
Nõel: 7round liner
Tint: I Bright Red, I Aquamarine, I Lime Green, A True Green

So, this time I first drew the lines for  cherryblossoms, did the outlining and then did a lil’ background. Flowers will be coloured.
Needle: 7round liner
Ink: I Bright Red, I Aquamarine, I Lime Green, A True Green