Ship & cats

Fishing boat, roses and a whale, nice combo:


…and a pair of cats:

Vigri – the olympic seal

Did this cool looking grey fella today – it’s Vigri, ringed seal and a mascot for the yachting races that were held in Tallinn within the 1980 Moscow summer olympics. After this there was also a cafe for childern in Tallin, named Vigri. Ice-cream bar etc.
If interested, then here’s some more info about the 1980 summer olympics.

Anyway, this picture has been as a sticker on the fridge in the customers granparent’s home. She wanted a frame around it, so I drew the frame made of rope, goes well with the watery theme.

And this is a diamond symbol, obv. Nice and minimal. Small tattoos are cool, especially if they have a good location on the body.


Some progress on one of the mermaids:

And some progress on the angelish girl:

Also, started one halfsleeve. Flowerish plants and such, quite an abstract stuff. All freehand. As you can see, we didn’t got too far on the first session.

Here’s one drawing I recently finished, probably going to be one of the new shirt designs as well.

Sinking feeling

So, today I continued the back with mermaids, added the ship now. The usual –  freehand drawing and then needles right in. Used only the 15Magnum2. Probably adding some smaller details with 9Magnum2 in the future, but first of all I need to do a lot more shading in there….

PS. I’ve always dreamt about tattooing this kind of ship. Dreams do come true.

And a lil’ something something for the Sunday:

Mermaids & fox, on a plane.

Started with the second mermaid now, this one’s leaning on the anchor, as yous can see, obviously. All freehand once again, as all of this piece going to be.

A lovely paperplane. Owner is really into the planes, so it’s a spot on.

And a fox. For a gal, who really digs them creatures. Spot on vol2.

Been working on a lot of other designs too, hopefully shoving the ink in with them soon enough. And having a lot of new ideas for t-shirts, trying to make a new brand in the next few months. Will see how it goes. Also, discovered a quill pen, ink and watecrcolors for myself lately, trying to work on those as well.

Til’ next time!