Sinking feeling

So, today I continued the back with mermaids, added the ship now. The usual –  freehand drawing and then needles right in. Used only the 15Magnum2. Probably adding some smaller details with 9Magnum2 in the future, but first of all I need to do a lot more shading in there….

PS. I’ve always dreamt about tattooing this kind of ship. Dreams do come true.

And a lil’ something something for the Sunday:

Mermaids & fox, on a plane.

Started with the second mermaid now, this one’s leaning on the anchor, as yous can see, obviously. All freehand once again, as all of this piece going to be.

A lovely paperplane. Owner is really into the planes, so it’s a spot on.

And a fox. For a gal, who really digs them creatures. Spot on vol2.

Been working on a lot of other designs too, hopefully shoving the ink in with them soon enough. And having a lot of new ideas for t-shirts, trying to make a new brand in the next few months. Will see how it goes. Also, discovered a quill pen, ink and watecrcolors for myself lately, trying to work on those as well.

Til’ next time!


Värvilise koi mustvalge algus. Esimese korraga sai tehtud jooned ja natuke ka varju, millele eelnes ka vaba käega kavandi tegemine.
Nõel: 7round liner, 15Magnum2
Tint: K

Black’n’white start of a colourful koi. Did outlines and some shading while first session, plus the freehand designing.
Needle: 7round liner, 15Magnum2
Ink: K

Viikingilaev / Viking ship


laevPolegi ammu viikingiteemaatikat teinud. Päris põnev seega. Klient ise kah laevadega ja otsast viikingitegagi seotud. nagu näha, siis tööd veel jagub. Umbes kahe järgmise seansiga epaks valmis saama.
Nõel: 3round liner, 11round liner
Tint: K

It’s been a while since my last viking themed work, so, quite interesting. Client itself has something to do with ships and vikings also. As you can see, there’s a bit more to do. Should be done with next two sittings.
Needle: 3round liner, 11round liner
Tint: K