Bits & pieces

Been a lot of work to do – tattooing, traveling and performing with the Talbot etc. Here’s few of the latest works for you.

This is just a teaser of one project that’s still in progress. Black is healed, waiting for the second layer; red is freshly done:

This one is a work in progress as well, it’s going to be a full phoenix down the arm:

A snowflake, obviously:

Lil’ (water)colourish action here:

And a paw & some feathers:

So, those are just some of the latest things in the works.


Also did a new t-shirt design for my band Talbot, you can buy it through our webshop:

And listen to it from these websites:

T-shirts for men: S, M, L, XL, XXL
T-shirts for women: S, M, L
Tank tops for women: S, M, L

Talbot tour, new shirts etc

Been a while since the last post. Reason for this being that it were really busy times with all the preparations for Talbot’s world tour and printing the shirts etc.

So, first of all, you can now buy some new shirts that I designed and printed. It’s my new brand, Talk Left-Handed.

This is the link for the webshop:

At the moment there’s some Talbot’s shirts plus some other stuff as well. And I will make some more new designs soon.

Here’s some preview’s for ya:



And, also Talbot’s first world tour, “Tour de Tour 2011” started. At the moment we’re on it’s first leg, “Tour de Balalaika 2011” in Russia & Ukraine.
Here’s the poster:

Pink Banana uus kaup / Pink Banana's new stuff

Saime valmis portsu uusi riideid, saate osta neid SIIT!

Teiseks uudiseks on see, et nüüd saadame oma kauba täitsa TASUTA!!!
Võid muidugi tulla ise ka järgi või paneme teele näiteks SmartPOST’iga.

Kolmandaks – meie asjad on nüüd müügil ka sellistes netipoodides:
Mõnusat novembrit!


We have some new stuff available, buy ’em HERE!

Secondly – from now on we ship for FREE!!!

Thirdly – our stuff is now also available on:

Have a nice November!


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