Finished back, cover-up/rework update and few more

Here’s some tats I’ve been working on lately.

Just finished this backpiece Some octagrams, lot of animals and even more dots:

A bit closer look:

Shoulder with the modified image from the Klimt’s letter to his wife:

Same customer’s arm:

And her wrist with the flower of life as well:

Also continued on this cover-up/rework, this time we did some mushrooms. The flames are not filled yet, time for these will come.

Also did this bird on last Sunday:


More tats next week, cause the rest of the this week I’ll be in the Netherlands with my band Talbot. Going to play two shows there, January 9th & 10th, at the Eurosonic Noorderslag Festival 2013, in Groningen:

See ya!

Vigri – the olympic seal

Did this cool looking grey fella today – it’s Vigri, ringed seal and a mascot for the yachting races that were held in Tallinn within the 1980 Moscow summer olympics. After this there was also a cafe for childern in Tallin, named Vigri. Ice-cream bar etc.
If interested, then here’s some more info about the 1980 summer olympics.

Anyway, this picture has been as a sticker on the fridge in the customers granparent’s home. She wanted a frame around it, so I drew the frame made of rope, goes well with the watery theme.

And this is a diamond symbol, obv. Nice and minimal. Small tattoos are cool, especially if they have a good location on the body.

More sugar


Rohkem sugar skull’e! Klient joonistas ise algsed kavandid valmis, millele lisasin natuke oma nägemust. Arutasime hiljem veel detailid läbi ja läks andmiseks! Tuleb veel ühe korra üle teha ning mõlemale lisada alla lilli. Varsti näete.
Nõel: 7round liner
Tint: I True Black, I Dark Purple, I Aquamarine, I Co-Co, I Lemon Yellow, I Bright Red, A Oriental Orange, A Atlantic Blue, A Sky Blue

More sugar skulls! Client drew the first sketches and I added a bit of my vison to ’em. Later on we discussed about the details and then slinged the ink. Gotta do it one more time, as always plus add the flowers to both of them. You’ll see.
Needle: 7round liner
Ink: I True Black, I Dark Purple, I Aquamarine, I Co-Co, I Lemon Yellow, I Bright Red, A Oriental Orange, A Atlantic Blue, A Sky Blue

Diamonds are girl's best friends….

TeemandidTegin need teemandid esimest korda 2007 aasta alguses. Ainult sinisega. Nüüd klient tahab teha half-sleeve’i ning otsustas, et teeks ka teemandid üle. Ega ma ei olnud tulemusega ise ka väga rahul tookord, nii et, kütsime nad värskemaks. Tegin Dark Purple’ga jooned ning lisasin veel järgmised toonid: Aquamarine, Lime Green, Lemon Yellow, Peach ja näpuotsaga Snow White Opaque.

I did those diamonds in the beginning of 2007. Using only blue. Now the client wants to go for half-sleeve and decided to re-do those diamonds as well. I was’nt quite happy with those diamonds also so there we go. I did the outline with Dark Purple and added some Lime Green, Aquamarine, Lemon Yellow, Peach and Snow White Opaque.