Big bird, small bird and some other things.

Been a while since the last post.

Here’s few of the works I’ve been up to meanwhile:

finished this cover-up/dotwork bird today:

This is the small bird, did it on myself. And no, it’s not Woody the woodpecker, it’s Mr. Horsepower.
Here’s a link for you to know more about him:
The original character is coloured, but I wanted it in black’n’gray.

Added this to my personal collection as well. It’s piece from the optical llusion genre  -a blivet, also known as the devil’s fork.
More info about it:

Also started the project or oriental half sleeve’s restoration and modification. Partially a cover-up. Here’s what I did on the first session:

Been also working on some One Eyed Morse’s shirt designs, more news about it soon!

Elephant & dolphins

Finished the elephant-lady with mandala on  the back!


This is my customer’s mom, having her children and grandchildren with her all the time. A cover-up/rework + added some more dolphins.


Värvilise koi mustvalge algus. Esimese korraga sai tehtud jooned ja natuke ka varju, millele eelnes ka vaba käega kavandi tegemine.
Nõel: 7round liner, 15Magnum2
Tint: K

Black’n’white start of a colourful koi. Did outlines and some shading while first session, plus the freehand designing.
Needle: 7round liner, 15Magnum2
Ink: K

Lohedus vol 7 / Dragonin' vol7 ///cover-up


paulvol7_3Lisasin mustrisse pruuni ja lohele roosat ning veele valget. Natuke aega enne seda varjutasin tausta tumedamaks. Natuke veel vaja sättida ja ongi valmis.
Nõel: 15Magnum2
Tint: I Co-Co, I Snow-White Opaque, A Flamingo Pink, K

Added brown to patterns, pink to dragon and white to water. Before that I shaded the background more darker. Just a bit more and it’s finished.
Needle: 15Magnum2
Ink: I Co-Co, I Snow-White Opaque, A Flamingo Pink, K

Fish-man, man-fish.

Kalad taas. Needsamad. Alustasin varjude lisamisega. Ilgelt põnev on. Ma pole ammu teinud suurt musthalli varjutööd, olin end mõnusalt juba ette häälestanud.
Nõel: 13magnum2
Tint: I True Black lahjendatuna

Fish. Again. The same ones. Started the shading, very exciting. I have’nt done this kind of big black’n’grey shading work in quite a long time, so I was already very tuned to this wave.
Needle: 13magnum2
Ink: I True Black