Woodcut and dotting

So, finally I had the chance to do some woodcut style tattoo. Woodcut look, among all the other nice stuff, been one of my interests lately.
Customer had the “collarbone” writing before, but it was quite blurry already, so he wanted to cover it. And to make the writing onto the other collarbone. And from there we went – drew it up and needle in. Very happy with the result.

Continued on this halfsleeve as well. Since one half of it is more linework, then decided to give the other part a bit different look. Asymmetric stuff. I’m really into it. Asymmetry that is.

And, cause I’m also a bit of a gearhead, really into hot rods and customs (tho not having any at the moment), and also cause “woodcut” and “woodruff” sounds almost the same, then here’s a cool lil’ video of probably one of the world’s lowest VW Beetle: