Mermaid – check. Murder – check.

Been really busy making a lot of designs for customers. You’ll be seeing those on the skin quite soon. Some of them at least.
Anyway, here’s few updates from some of meanwhile tattoowork as well:

first of all, continued with the mermaids. Later on I intend to smoothen the skin coloured “lines” tho. Too “sharp” at the moment.

Secondly, here’s just a lovely small tree with strong roots. For having the stronger roots.

And started a snake  with legendary Shure mic. This customer is a singer in a band and also a morning show host in one of the radio station  here. Snake, as a strong symbol, singing into the mic and as the cord coming out from mic going back to the snake, then all he sings/says/does goes right back at it. Nice idea.

Here’s how we started with it:

And this is what I designed in the first place. On the skin there’s gonna be more action going on with the background.

And finally, a tune to go with the Murmaiding:


Some recent stuff:

Dotworked Om on a Seal crew truckdriver’s chest. Guy is collecting tats from around the world.

A little girl from one of Estonia’s children books, onto a guy from Japan:

Also finished Talbot’s new shirt design. Printed few shirts for recent small Finnish tour already but will print more shirts in the near future, for selling online.

And a tune to go with the Om theme:

Talbot art

Just a quick design for Talbot’s new stickers.

Starting our 2011’s live season with 5 shows:

07.06 Bar Loose (Helsinki, FI), w/ Karma To Burn (USA)
08.06 YO-talo (Tampere, FI), w/ Karma To Burn (USA)
09.06 Nuclear Nightclub (Oulu, FI)
10.06 Lepakkomies (Helsinki, FI)
11.06 Featuring Fest ’11 (Vana-Veski, EE)

And a tune to go with it, our show in Budapest, Hungary (at club Tündergyar, October 2010):