Personal mountains

For the customer it symbolizes the personal growth, like the mountains to climb to, each one getting more complexed and so on. And it all with the minimal look. Inside of the biceps.





Oh, and, meanwhile my band Talbot received an “Skype’s Go Change the World Award”. Lovely.


Been a while since my last sugar skull and it felt nice to make one again. Did three designs before it finally felt right and we could let the needle in.

This is a lovely cloud with the thunderbolt sticking out of it. Did this actually already in the last August, but today was finally the touch-up day and grabbed a photo of it as well.

And here’s a cover-up. Customer had a tattoo with the words from Def Leppard lyrics. He didn’t really enjoy the old tat anymore, but wanted the new one still to have something to do with the Lep. So, after few drawing attempts I finally got the idea to give it a bit of the feel from the “Hysteria” artwork and designed the lettering etc. There’s some scars from the old tat, under the new one, unfortunately I’m unable to smoothen the skin, can only turn the old tats to new ones.

Weekend with anchors & watercolours

A busy weekend.

Started with this nice & minimal anchor.

This guy is a guitar player in several bands and also an guitar technician, just opened his shop as well:
Has and G-clef & F-clef. I wanted this piece to be something different, not “just-another-lettering”, so I added some watercolour feel to it:


A piece with the pink sky. Going to add some more contrast to it after a while, will post a new photo when finished.

Primary colours, nice & minimal once again:


One of the five Platonic solids, more info about the icosahedron from the Wikipedia’s page about it.
Really difficult location, under the armpit, I definitely want to have another go with this one and touch it up a bit.