Customer drew herself a design, an elephant-lady with four hands and a tail of a mermaid.Lovely combination. I really like it.
Anyway, she also wanted to have something behind the ‘phant-lady, so I drew a mandala there.
Photo is doing no justice to it, but the mandala is done with the gray ink – Silver, by Intenze. Later on, when it’s done and healed I’ll try to catch the colours better.
The Silver and some other grays have become my favourite inks lately.

A work in progress:


Wine tree & blackening

This client came in from London and he had a desire for a sleeve with the evolution of a wine tree. It grows and it dies. Plus some features: daisy, rose, juniper berries, cornflower, corkscrew etc. So I thought it would be cool if the things would hang in the winetree’s vines and the cornflower would be like Japanese cherry blossoms, with the petals flying around.
Needs some more sessions of course.

Thank you for travelling, Artur.

And this is yet another project I started. It’s just the first layer of ink there at the moment. I really do like these kind of big monolithic tattoos. Nicery, I would say.
The “things” on the upper part is just a lil’ something something til we continue with this project.
An solid black arm. Later on it will also have some trees and probably a cat.
We’ll see.

And, I will be in St.Petersburg, Russia, tomorrow. Talbot is playing there, at MadStream Music Festival in club Aurora, with other nice bands such as The Ocean (GER), Heavy Lord (N), General Lee (FRA) & EF (SWE). Really looking forward to it, cause last time, in the beginning of our Russian tour “Tour de Balalaika 2011” we had to cancel St.petersburg show because of the failure with our van.

There’s a rabbit in your headli….. porthole.

On the customer’s leg there was a scar that she got from riding a motorcycle in Indonesia. Didnt really enjoyed the scar, so she wanted  to cover it with the dead bunny, who’s looking out from the porthole window. I drew the design and thought that two crossed carrots would make a cool accessories.

And here’s a cool tune to go with the theme:

The bird, episode 2

Continued with this big bird on the back.
After the first session it felt to customer (and actually to me as well), that there’s something a bit “egyptish” in it. So, added two Egyptian lilies to the tailfeathers.
Needs few more sessions to go.

Also, gotta say that I just totally love doing the cover-ups. It gives me the drive to find the ways of how to form the old tattoos to be something different. More, please.