More birds!

Started this project yesterday – some kind of bird-like creature. Customer told me her idea, I made the design, she send back her ideas to make some changes to it and we were ready to go.
The old tattoo on the lower back is done by someone else, have to integrate it with the bird.
Will keep you updated.


A bit closer look:

This is the base design I made for her, just for getting the idea of how it’a about to come:

Eye for an eye (or – bird)

Been a while since the last post. A lot of work with the moustache wax, drawing designs for the customers, rehearsing with Talbot etc.

Anyway, here’s some pics for you:

And here’s the almighty One Eyed Morse Moustache Wax! You can buy it from the shop in Etsy:

Three options available:
Coffee – honey- and coffeescented
Lavender – honey- & lavenderscented
Neutral – honeyscented

All made of beeswax from the best Estonian beehives, vaseline, castor oil & few drops of perfume oil (for Coffe & Lavender).
Price is: 8€/10.25USD is one tin (30gr/1oz). This is enough for few months.
Shipping is for FREE, to everywhere, worldwide.
Inside Estonia I handle the shipping via SmartPost, international shipping goes via registered mail.

Also: One Eyed Morse @ Facebook

And here’s few sneak peeks to some of the drawingwork, these will be on the skin soon: