Blackwork halfsleeve

Well, black- & redwork, actually.
This is the last teaser before it’s done, next time you’ll see the finished piece.
Needs one more layer for the solid colored areas and a bit of contrast for the dots here’n’there.


Customer from Germany wanted a lizard. He’s interested in the aboriginal art and celtic knotwork and wanted to have some dotwork as well. So I tried to combine it all together and it came out like this. Super happy with the result. One sitting, nine hours in a row altogether with the freehand sketching onto the skin and preparations etc. Time well spent.

Click on the photo to see bigger version.


He’s also playing bass and didgeridoo in a band called Tuareg, check it out from these links:

Dot + work = dotwork

Continued with this halfsleeve, that’s actually soon about to become a fullsleeve. The lower part is now almost done, needs some retouching from here’n’there and to add a bit Teal to one of the blank spot out there.
The tattoos in the center of the inner side of the arm are done by someone else.

Starting the upper part next time.


Some new stuff after a while

Hello there again.

I haven’t been posting a while, been touring with the band, Talbot; organizing the festival Heliosphere etc. Back on the needlework now tho, full of urge to shove the ink.

This is actually going to be the main site now for Talk Left-Handed – for everything I do that is. Be it music, tattoos, drawing, screenprinting, festival or whatever I feel like.
Hope you’ll enjoy.

For starters, here’s few tats I’ve been lately working on:

* a cover-up for some old tribal stuff. Girl’s idea is to have two mermaids and sea, ship, anchor. So, I drew up a rough sketch about the positioning and did a lil’ more detailed sketch of the mermaid and then we started. Did it by freehand, no stenciling here.

The result of first sitting:

The one that needs the covering (author of this tat2 is unknown to me):

The rough positioning sketch:

And the freehand drawing before letting the needle do the work:

For this tattoo client sent me the photo of the tiger, with only solid black lines. I added some shading & red and since I’m really into dotwork lately, then added some dots as well: